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* আল্লাহ সম্পর্কে যা জানতেই হবে
* আল-কোরআন:একটি মহা মুজিযা
* হযরত আদম (আ)
* জিন ও ইনসান : জিনের আছর কারণ ও প্রতিকার
* পথ ও পাথেয: আল্লাহ তাআলার দশ অসিয়ত
* ধর্ম ও জীবন:শান্তি প্রতিষ্ঠায় ইসলাম’
* জীবনের আলো : ইসলাম পৃথিবীর সমধিক অগ্রসরমান ধর্ম
* লালন-পালন: সন্তানদের লালন-পালন করব কিভাবে
* স্বভাব-চরিত্র:পূত-পবিত্র চরিত্র অলম্বনের উপায়-উপকারিতা
* ইসলাম ও অন্যান্য ধর্ম : অমুসলিমের ওপর হামলা শাস্তিযোগ্য অপরাধ
* রসিকতা : ইসলামে রসিকতা
* ধর্মের ইতিহাস:পাশ্চাত্যে ধর্মচর্চার ইতিকথা
* খাৎনা বা মুসলমানীঃ গুরুত্ব ও প্রয়োজনীয়তা
* Thoughts:The Social Laws and Security of the people
* দৃশ্যপট: কেয়ামতের ভয়ংকর দৃশ্যগুলো
* চক্রান্ত: শয়তানের প্রবেশপথ
* বৃক্ষ সম্পদ রক্ষনাবেক্ষনে ইসলামের নির্দেশনা
* Tasawf
* ইসলামে মালিক-শ্রমিক সম্পর্ক
* Dawah to Islam
* Editorial
* রক্ষনাবেক্ষন:রাষ্ট্রীয় সম্পদ রক্ষনাবেক্ষনে ইসলামের নির্দেশনা
* News & Views
* হিজরী সন থেকে বাংলা সনের সৃষ্টি
* ন্যায় বিচারের গুরুত্ব
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About Editor

             Mr.Salim Ullah Khan Hasnabadi & his Missions-Visions

Qazi Hafez Md. Salimullah Khan Hasnabadi comes from a generous and an aristocratic Muslim family of Hasnabad village of Burichong Thana under district of Comilla, Bangladesh on 1st march, 1978. His father, Late Md. Bazlur Rahman Khan was a social leader and an experienced farmer as well as a renowned businessman. He was the re-founder secretary of 'Hasnad Jame-Mousque' His ancestors were the Tax-collector by court of Order, Vharot Shomrat. Mr. Khan got his primary education from renowned Poshchimsingh govt. primary school. Then he became a Hafezul Quran (the memorizer of Holy Quran) from the famous "Kongshonogor Tahfizul Quran Madrasha". He awarded by the chief Imam of Mosque Nabobi Sharif, His Excellency Dr. Shaikh Ali bin Abdur Rahman AL- Hozaifi, Madina Al-munawara, K.S.A for remarkable performance on Hifzul Quran. In 1992, he passed Dakhil (equivalent to S.S.C) with outstanding performance from the renowned ''Sonakanda Darul Hoda Bohumukhi Kamil Madrasha''. He passed his Alim (equivalent to H.S.C.) from `Comilla Islamia Alia Madrasha' in 1994 getting 1st division in the exam. He got English Proficiency training from Bangladesh Open University after Alim exam. At the same time, he entered into his Journalism profession and worked as Burrichang Thana correspondent then he got admitted in Honors (Bengali literature) in the well-known Comilla Victoria Govt. University College. After a few months, he got chance to study in University of Dhaka and leave Comilla Victoria Govt College for better education and admitted into B.A Hons (Islamic Studies). At the same time, he again entered into his Journalism profession and worked as a part-time sub-editor (Foreign Affairs) in a Class-one national Daily named 'Dainik Banglar Bani'. In 1997, he passed his B.A (Hons) with a remarkable performance. In the same year, he passed Fazil (equivalent to B.A) as a private candidate and got 1st class. In the year 1998, he completed his masters' degree in Islamic Studies in University of Dhaka. After that he completed his Tafsirul Quran M.M (Momtazul Mufasserin) degree from the ''Sonakanda Darul Hoda Bohumukhi Kamil Madrasha'' getting 1st class in the year 1999. Then he completed his M. Phil degree in the University of Dhaka on 'The Social Laws in the Holy Quran and Their Influence on the Life of the American Muslim Community–A Short Survey'. Now he is PhD Research fellow On 'The Relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims in America: A critical study of problems and prospects' in the same University. Since his student life, he works as a social worker in various social and religious organizations. He founded 'Rahmania Shriti Gono Pathagar' (Public Library) worked as a founder chairman of this organization. He also established the social organization named "Hilful-Fuzul Chatro Sanghho". He was the founder executive editor of "The Monthly Hoda" the spokes paper of the ''Sonakanda Darul Hoda Bohumukhi Kamil Madrasha & Darul Hoda Darbar Sharif.He was Moazzin (Deliverer of Azan) & second Imam of the ''Sonakanda Darul Hoda Bohumukhi Kamil Madrasha & Darul Hoda Darbar Shari's Jam-e Mosque during his student life. Ever since he memorized the holly Quran 1986 he led the Khatm-e Tarabih every year in “Matherteke abdul Aziz School & College Jam-e Mosque, Bashabo, Dhaka.”, in the month of holy Ramadan, It's mentioned that he was also a part time Computer lecturer in the Matherteke abdul Aziz School & College and delivered his lecture on Islamic studies Bangladesh Open University branch in this College. After completing his education, he was appointed by the Govt. in a prestigious position as a 'Muslim Marriage Registrar & Kazi' of 3(26) ward under the capital City of Bangladesh ''Dhaka City Corporation,(Shouth) Dhaka". He established 'Public Mission Islamic Institute' and has been working as an Executive Director of this institute since 2007. He also established an Islamic Research centre named 'Ummul Qura Islamic Research Academy' in Dhaka and branched into his native village Hasnabad, Comilla. Now he is a regular speaker in BTV (Bangladesh Television), Bangladesh Betar. He also Research Fellow of Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran a project under Islamic foundation Bangladesh and working as “Mobile Correspondent” of a Renowned class one National news paper “The Daily Inqilab.” He performed Hajj and coverage the Hajj news as a correspondent of “The Daily Inqilab” in the year of 2013.